Noise and Planning

Noise Assessments, Planning Applications & Advice on Mitigation

Noise Advice for Planning & Redevelopment

In 2012 The National Planning Policy Framework came in to force, and the previous Planning Policy Guidance Notes were rescinded. The new National Planning Policy Framework requires that any policies and decisions require that any new development should avoid giving rise to significant adverse impacts on health, mitigate and reduce other adverse impacts and recognise that development can create noise but not to place unreasonable restrictions on existing businesses due to a change in nearby land use.

We understand it is often necessary to change existing land uses and recent years have seen an increase in the use of brownfield sites (such as the one shown below) for potential redevelopment as residential areas.


The use of circular 11/95 which relates to the use of conditions on planning permission still remains in use since the introduction of the National Planning Policy Guidance and the government's policy on noise is also provided within the Noise Policy Statement for England. Most Local Authority's will also have their own noise policies, which contain a local interpretation of national policy. They may also have set working times and limits on noise levels during the construction phase.


By working with both the Local Authority and the Design Team, we are able to help any development project move smoothly along by providing advice and assistance at the planning stage, during the construction stage and also upon completion in order to discharge any conditions that may have been attached to the grant of planning permission.


  • We undertake assessments and provide advice at the design stage
  • We are able to work with the Principal Contractor to help obtain prior consent for any noisy works during the construction stage.
  • We can evaluate the acoustic performance of the development at the completion stage, in order to discharge any attached planning conditions