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We offer the solution to your noise problem.

Commercial and Industrial Noise

Image Industrial and commercial noise sources have the potential to adversely impact nearby residents. We are able to assess the noise and the likelihood of complaint through a variety of methods including, attended and unattended measurement surveys, noise modelling and noise control design. Often noise from such sources maybe subject to planning conditions which may restrict the hours of operation or the requirement of a commissioning survey. In some instances noise from these sources may be subject to a noise abatement notice and our senior technical staff are able to provide expert advice on dealing with these.

  • We can measure the noise levels from fixed plant installations
  • Assess the likelihood of complaint.
  • Provide suitable noise control suggestions.

Construction and Demolition Noise

Noise and vibration experts in Kent and south east England Noise from construction and demolition has the potential to be intrusive to those who live and work nearby especially when works are required to take place during antisocial hours. With good site management the level of disturbance can be minimised, but there are occasions where prior consent will still be required to undertake these works. We are able to calculate and predict the likely levels of noise from any noisy activity on site. Our staff have over considerable experience in the construction sector and can also assist you with evaluating and implementing Best Practicable Means.

We can also put together an Application under Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 (CoPA) that would be suitable for submission to the Local Authority. If Consent is granted under Section 61 of the CoPA and the developer complies fully, the Local Authority cannot then serve a notice under Section 60 of the CoPA. We are also able to provide noise and vibration monitoring equipment for use on site.

  • We can calculate the likely levels of noise at different times of day and night
  • Liaise with the Local Authority and put together an acceptable Section 61 Application
  • Measure noise and vibration levels over extended periods of time
  • Suggest alternative quieter working methods where necessary
  • Provide suitable noise control suggestions for use on site

Noise at Work

Image Our consultants have undertaken noise at work assessments for all types of businesses, including construction sites, entertainment venues, manufacturing plants and offshore oil platforms. The size of the operation is not important what is important to us is helping you to get it right first time. The Noise at Work Regulations 2005 specify a Lower Action Value above which hearing protection must be provided upon request and a Higher Action Value above which hearing protection is mandatory. Personal Hearing Protection should be the last resort, and we can help you to reduce the level of exposure at source. Prevention is better than cure because there is no cure for Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

  • We are able to carry out Noise at Work Assessments
  • Provide recommendations for Noise Control within the workplace
  • Advise on the suitability of different types of Personal Hearing Protection

Planning Applications

Image The potential noise impacts from any new development will always be examined by the Local Planning Authority's Environmental Health Department, when determining the outcome of an application, they may request that a noise and/or vibration assessment is submitted in support of your application or they may impose conditions relating to noise which we can help to get discharged. It is always necessary to approach this correctly as delays can be expensive and may also result in unnecessary complications. We have many years of experience as both Environmental Health Officers assisting the Planning Departments and as Acoustic Consultants and we are perfectly placed to help you get it right first time. If you concerned about planning and noise please feel free to contact us, we never charge for providing you with a quote for any work you may need.

  • Liaise with Architects and Local Authority to identify the requirements of your application
  • Where necessary carry out an assessment in line with relevant guidance and standards
  • Suggest suitable noise control methods where necessary
  • Carry out measurements to ensure compliance where necessary

Building Acoustics

Image We are able to advise on Sound Insulation between party walls and floors. We often get involved at the design stage to provide advice on the construction of the partition in order to ensure it complies with the minimum performance required by Approved Document E of the Building Regulations. Occasionally clients will come to us following a test failure and we can provide cost effective suggestions based on the known construction of the partition to improve its performance.

  • Evaluate the performance of proposed construction
  • Provide suggestions for remedial measures where a Sound Insulation test has failed
  • Suggest appropriate glazing and ventilation where required