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Able Acoustics Ltd

Able Acoustics is an award-winning acoustic consultancy and noise control practice operating throughout Ashford, Kent and the South East of England. 

Our technical staff and associate consultants have over 40 years of experience in both noise consultancy and environmental health.

Given the variety of our consultants’ backgrounds we are able to comprehensively address our clients’ requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

Our staff know their subject well and have postgraduate level qualifications in acoustics and noise control. They are registered members of the relevant professional bodies and the Engineering Council.

Our staff are also fully accredited Expert Witnesses in the field of acoustics, as well as acting as Guest Lecturers for various universities and colleges around the country.

Our noise and vibration consultancy business combines the technical abilities of a large company with the pricing structure and response time of a small firm due to our lack of overheads.

We have experience in:

  • Building Acoustics
  • Noise at Work
  • Noise & Vibration Assessments for Planning Applications
  • Construction Noise & Vibration
  • Environmental Noise & Vibration Surveys
  • Licensing & Entertainment Noise
  • Acoustic Expert Witness Testimonies
  • Industrial Noise Assessments
  • Forensic Acoustics
  • Studio Design

Acoustic Consultancy Services


Noise and vibration assessments for planning applications.


Experts in noise from construction and demolition works.


Environmental noise surveys in accordance with latest regulations.


Sound management and control at concerts and live music events.


Qualified BS 4142 industrial noise assessment providers.

Expert Witness

Acoustic consultancy for evidence and reports in Court.

Noise and Vibration Monitoring

We provide noise and vibration monitors for every possible project measurement requirement (short and long term), including equipment fitted with remote download & SMS alerting abilities.

Acoustic consultancy Kent, Ashford and South East England

Expert Witness Services

We provide expert evidence in the field of acoustics, and our technical staff and associate consultants have given evidence in both civil and criminal cases.

Planning Applications

The potential noise and/or vibration impacts from any new development are usually examined by the Local Planning Authority’s Environmental Health Department, as part of the planning process.

We undertake assessments for both outline and detailed applications and provide environmental noise & vibration surveys, software modelling and advice on calculation based control measures where noise and/or vibration are determining factors. 

Construction Noise

Our staff have a long history of working on projects where heavy plant & equipment are used and where there are concerns over noise from multiple construction & demolition works.

Some Of Our Clients...

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