Acoustic Software Modelling

Computer Noise Modelling, Acoustic Software Applications & Calculation Tools

Computer Software Modelling

Acoustic Software Modelling allows the user to apply a variety of calculation based approaches to theoretical scenarios. We have an extensive library of calculation software and in-house calculation tools and some of the more advanced packages are outlined below.


SoundPLAN® is the expert industry software package that provides a software implementation of relevant standards for use with transportation sound (such as road, rail and aircraft) industrial sound (mechanical plant & operations), construction & demolition activity, sound ingress/egress through facades and outdoor sound propagation.

The software is used to generate a 3D model based on architectural plans, and Lidar data, to determine both external and internal levels and the degree of sound break-in/breakout through composite facades

Acoustic Software Modelling

For almost 20 years our staff have used the software for noise mapping, road traffic noise assessments, rail noise assessments, construction and demolition sound predictions and on a range of other projects which have included lorry parks, leisure facilities, entertainment & hospitality venues.

We understand what is going on “under the hood” as it were, which in turn, allows us to consider how realistic a model may be and what conditions should be applied when creating it to generate reliable results.

The software can provide results in both graphical and tabular format for a detailed evaluation of any mitigation requirements.

ODEON Room Acoustics Software

ODEON Room Acoustics Software is the most comprehensive calculation software available for both simulation and measurement of the acoustic performance of rooms and buildings as well as certain outdoor situations.

The software allows the user to import 3D information and assign acoustic properties to the different surfaces using an ‘image-source method’ combined with ray tracing algorithms for a variety of calculation protocols and standards.

Typical applications for this software include: Concert & opera halls, theatres, religious use buildings, Open plan offices, foyers, restaurants, music studios, Underground & railway stations, airport terminals, Industrial environments, and Small-scale outdoor areas.

Odeon Room Acoustic Software Modelling
INSUL Sound Insulation Prediction Software


INSUL™ Sound Insulation Prediction Software is a software program used to estimate the acoustic performance of individual building elements whether these be a roof, ceiling/floor, a wall or glazing based on the materials used, dimensions and respective physical properties.

The software can generate calculations for a range of construction types, including single, double and triple leaf partitions as well as rain noise on roofing elements and impact sound insulation performance estimates for party floor/ceilings.

Our staff have previously provided product support for INSUL™ when the UK franchise was held by a 3rd party and typical applications we use the software for include: addressing sound insulation requirements between dwelling houses and/or flats where remedial work may be required, residential unit design for new schemes and industrial, medical & educational building design.


ZORBA™ Sound Absorption Prediction Software is a software tool for predicting the performance of porous systems with perforated facings.

The software allows a performance model to be built by defining the characteristics of the porous absorber (thickness, flow resistivity, free area) as well as a variety of different facings to obtain absorption values for the proposed system.

Typical applications we would use this for include: calculating acoustic performance requirements for spaces where quiet concentration, speech intelligibility or the enjoyment of music or film are the primary design factors, typical examples include courtrooms, cinemas, libraries and community spaces.

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