Entertainment Noise Control

Entertainment Noise and Concert Noise Management

Event Noise Management

Live music provides entertainment for millions of people and an increasing demand for live entertainment has seen a surge in the number of events taking place each year. To prevent live music from causing a statutory nuisance, Music Noise Levels have to be managed correctly.

In 1995 The Noise Council published the Code of Practice on Environmental Noise Control at Concerts. This was put together by a working group of specialists familiar with the problems that can arise from environmental noise control at concerts and other live music events to provide a balanced view for acceptable noise guidelines.

This guidance has been widely adopted by both concert promoters and Local Authorities, and provide a protocol for setting noise limits on the Music Noise Level depending on the venue type and the number of events it hosts each a year.

Music Noise Levels will be predicted prior to the event taking place or measured during the sound check. This is usually done by generating a signal at the desk and increasing the volume over the PA until it reaches the guideline level at 1m from the façade of any noise sensitive premises. Simultaneous measurements should be taken at the desk to determine the maximum permissible levels at the desk.

We work with the concert promoter to prepare noise management plans and assist the sound crew in adhering to the specified limits. During the course of their careers some of our staff have worked at events such as Glastonbury, Hyde Park Concerts and Earl’s Court.

Entertainment Noise Control
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